Visit to Leeds Cancer Center


Leeds, October 2014 - HRH Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and a delegation from the King Hussein Cancer Center visited Leeds, The United Kingdom this week.

The visit came a year after signing a partnership agreement between Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (The Leeds Cancer Centre) Leeds, UK and the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and (King Hussein Cancer Center) in Amman, Jordan. The international link between both institutions was developed under the guidance of Healthcare UK, a joint venture between the Department of Health and UK Trade and Investment.

This partnership focuses on sharing medical expertise, conducting joint training and conferences as well as engaging in various research activities. Both institutions believe in pushing the boundaries of healthcare and collaborating internationally for the ultimate benefit of patients and staff alike. 

The two-day visit to the Leeds Teaching Hospitals included a business meeting for delegation members to discuss the progress made and future plans with their peers from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Her Royal Highness and the delegation then toured the various oncology departments at St. James University Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary where they were briefed on the latest in cancer treatment and technology. Her Royal Highness got the chance to interact with patients and staff during the tour.

One of the visit highlights was a live video Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting between clinicians in Leeds and physicians in the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman.

During the visit, Princess Ghida thanked the Leeds Teaching hospitals on their hospitality and commitment towards the fight against cancer.

“Training and development are the cornerstones of any reputable institution that strives to make continuous progress and improvement, and we value the opportunity to be able to learn from the experts at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals and be able to capitalize on that potential to expand the operations and services of King Hussein Cancer Center.

This is why we believe in this partnership and we are intent on taking it to new heights, just as we have done with our global partnerships with the top cancer centers in the world, such as NCI, MD Anderson Cancer Center and St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.It is time to forge strong partnerships with Europe’s best, and Europe’s best is where I am standing today.”

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