The King Hussein Cancer Foundation

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) is the largest community-based organization in Jordan dedicated to combating cancer. KHCF’s work focuses on fundraising and development, global and national advocacy, public awareness, early detection and prevention, cancer coverage, and underprivileged patient support. KHCF operates under the leadership of Ms. Nisreen Qatamish in her capacity as Director General.

KHCF is dedicated to saving lives through:

  • Supporting and promoting KHCC to sustain cancer treatment with the highest standards
  • Maximizing fundraising efforts to support cancer care and control in Jordan and the region
  • Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by providing financial and psycho-social support through various programs and initiatives
  • Raising awareness and educating society members on cancer as well as supporting prevention and early detection efforts to reduce cancer related mortality & morbidity.
  • Offering accessibility to treatment for the public at KHCC through a nonprofit cancer coverage program

To meet its goals, KHCF has established a wide range of programs that engage the public and involve them in the fight against cancer. From Fundraising Programs such as the Coin Collection Boxes or Restaurants Care to Goodwill Funds that support underprivileged patients, KHCF works tirelessly to raise the funds needed to provide quality cancer care to all patients in need.

KHCF realizes that it is not simply the disease that must be treated; rather the patient must be treated as a whole. Therefore, KHCF has established programs to provide patients with practical, emotional and spiritual support. These programs include the Back to School Program, which ensures young patients are able to complete their education during cancer treatment, and the Play Therapy Program, which provides the youngest patients with the means to express their emotions and handle their stress.

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation USA (KHCF USA) was established to support the treatment of cancer patients in the Middle East through the life-saving work of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center. By supporting KHCF USA, donors give KHCC patients the chance to receive the best cancer care available and the ability to resume their lives as happy and productive members of their communities. KHCF USA is run by a Board of Trustees comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers.

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