Princess Ghida Talal Honors Institutions and Schools Implementing “Smoke-Free Zones”


Amman, December 2018: HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center (KHCC), recently met with representatives from a number of organizations, institutions, schools, and places of business that have implemented Smoke-Free Zones on their premises. KHCF and KHCC have long supported organizations and institutions across countless sectors in their efforts to create smoke-free environments, as part of the Foundation and Center’s ongoing mission to raise awareness about the many dangers and consequences of smoking, in line with Jordan’s Public Health Act No. 47.

During the event, HRH Princess Ghida commended the honorees for their efforts, stating, “These institutions have made an ambitious, conscious decision to fight smoking by banning it on their premises. Such a bold and vital move is not only a testament to our society’s high levels of awareness about the dangers of both first- and second-hand smoke, but also a firm declaration of our collective right to enjoy a better, healthier quality of life.”

Since 2014, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center have awarded the Smoke-Free Certificate to a total of 401 schools and 202 institutions and organizations across a wide range of fields.

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