Princess Ghida Talal Honors Winners of KHCF's Journalist Award


Amman, July 14th 2021- HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center (KHCC), honored the winners of KHCF’s Journalist Award for media figures covering breast cancer early detection and tobacco control.

During the award ceremony, Princess Ghida said: "Thank you to every member of the media for your continuous support for the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center, and for your outstanding efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the cause of cancer in the minds of the public."

Princess Ghida also thanked Mr. Ammar Al-Safadi, CEO of the Housing Bank, and a representative from the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (Jopetrol), which served as the strategic and golden sponsors of the Award, respectively.

The winners in the topic of tobacco control included:

  1. Printed Press: Tala Ayoub (Al Rai newspaper) and Ibrahim Abu Zina (AddDustour newspaper)
  2. Digital Journalism: Nada Shehadeh (Al Rai newspaper)
  3. Columnist: Ikhlas Al Qadi (Petra News Agency)
  4. Visual Media: Salam Odeh (Al Mamlaka TV)
  5. Audio Media: Alam Al Abadi (Jordan Radio)
  6. Social Networks: Samia El Shaarawy
  7. Youth: Malek Al Idwan

The winners in the topic of breast cancer early detection included:

  1. Printed Press: Haider Al Majali (Al Rai newspaper) and Dareen Al Louissi (Jordan Health Magazine)

Note: Haider Al Majali passed away from COVID-19, and the award was received on his behalf by his son, Abdullah Haider Al-Majali. 

  1. Digital Journalism: Alaa Al Balasma and Hadeel Al Tawalbeh (Khabrni website)
  2. Columnist: Tala Ayoub (Al Rai newspaper)
  3. Visual Media: Dama Al Kurdi (Al Ghad TV)
  4. Audio Media: Rania Darwazeh and Rana Al Azzam  )Hayat FM)
  5. Social Networks: Ibtesam AlJdu’a
  6. Youth: Salma Nassar

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