Honoring the Tawjihi Students Receiving Treatment at KHCC


Amman, August 2017 - HRH Princess Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center (KHCC), honored the secondary school (Tawjihi) students receiving treatment at KHCC in a ceremony held at the Center. The event celebrated the success of nine students who took the 2016/2017 Tawjihi exam, proving that they can achieve their goals through their determination and will.

HRH Princess Ghida thanked Zain, represented by its CEO, Ahmad Al-Hanandeh, for the company’s continued support for the Tawjihi students at KHCC.

On the occasion, Mr. Ahmad Al-Hanandeh said:  "I am so proud to share in the happiness of these students and I would like to congratulate them and their families for their outstanding success." He added, "Education is the cornerstone for the development of all communities and it is the best weapon one can be armed with." He went on to say: "Zain is renewing its support for all the activities of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center under its strategy of corporate social responsibility because of Zain’s belief in the pivotal role played by KHCF."

The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Asem Mansour, KHCC Director-General, and Mrs. Nisreen Qatamish, KHCF Director-General.

KHCC’s successful students in the Tawjihi exams are:

  • Shahd Ibrahim Karim Al-Shawarwa, Scientific Branch, 91.2
  • Haneen Khalid Ahmed El-Beltagy, Child Education Branch, 88.8
  • Hamza Abdul-Rahman Obaidullah Al-Muhaisen, Scientific Branch, 84.9
  • Mohammed Amin Mahmoud Zakarneh, Scientific Branch, 84.7
  • Dima Mohammed Abdel-Din, Scientific Branch, 73.5
  • Bakr Saed Farhan Abu Mahfouz, Technical Branch, 69.8
  • Tamam Mahmoud Fawzi Qeshta, Information Management Branch, 68
  • Batul Abdul-Latif Ahmed Al-Shami, Information Management Branch, 67.3
  • Shefaa Hekmat Hussein Kiwan, Child Education Branch, 65.6

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